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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, I will update this as often as I get asked extra questions. If you wish to view all the questions Open All, or if you want to Close All them all quickly.

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    Answer:Answers will be here.
  • Is there a bandwidth limit for uploaded images?
    Answer:Yes, there is a set limit.

    However, we currently have images that have been viewed many thousands of times and not even used half this limit. Our service is not designed to handle hosting for large (i.e. high traffic) web sites, as they will use the allocated limit.

    Some restrictions are in place now to reduce bandwidth thieves, this is regrettable but some people don't listen to polite warnings nor use their manners.
  • Do you allow direct linking to uploaded images?
    Answer:Yes and No.

    When you upload an image, you will be given an actual URL to the actual image file, which does include a hotlink code.

    You may link to the image from any site on the Internet.

    You cannot however use our service to host images for use in your website's design, or part of a website.
  • What are the file restrictions for free image hosting?
    Answer:Files must be under 4096 Kb in size, they must be of a JPEG, GIF, or PNG to get a thumbnail image, but BMP and a few other formats are allowed without the thumbnail, and they must NOT be pictures with illegal content or illegal activities. We also don't allow hosting of website componants.

    The files also have a finite life span, each image has a 1024 megabyte limit (Recently Doubled), after which it will expire. We do this so images do not float around forever.

    You are free to reupload the image again once this limit has been reached.
  • When I try and link from certain sites it says its banned ?
    Answer:This was never originally anticipated but, in order to minimize abuse by certain sites using us to host the components of their websites rather than genuine image host traffic and remain watermark free, we had to ban certain sites.

    If you believe your site was blocked in error please feel free to contact us.
  • What types of images can I upload?
    Answer:We allow any legal images including Adult/Porn images, and give Body Modification images a wider berth, than general adult content.

    You may NOT upload images that contain illegal, non-consensual content or depict illegal activities. Examples of illegal content would be child pornography, bestiality, etc. If you are not sure about your image, please ask us first.

    We will remove illegal images and in certain circumstances report you to the relevant authorities.
  • Is nudity and/or sexual content allowed?
    Answer:Yes. Please see the answer to "What types of images can I upload?" above.
  • Do images expire or run out of bandwidth?
    Answer:Yes. Images do expire, and yes they run out of bandwidth, both of these are one and the same. In order to keep the server running at maximum speed and reduce the high traffic website demands, we set a a maximum download limit of 1024MB per image once this limit is reached the image expires and a warning image is served in its place.

    1024MB seems to be a relatively low amount but but an average image size is 90kb is 12,000 views, and 24,000 for 640x480 pixel image. On average each image has several months worth of bandwidth.

    You are more than welcome to re-upload the image once its bandwidth is used up and it has expired.
  • Will pictures I upload remain private?
    Answer:Yes for the most part, unless you give someone the link to your image, they will not be able to access it.

    However, The hosting company is required by international law to ensure that All user submitted content is moderated or assigned an owner as is the case with other hosts such as PhotoBucket.

    In order to allow anonymity, we have chosen to periodically review the site, to check for illegal content. This policy is inline with ImageShack, PhotoBucket and ALL other hosts, feel free to check.
  • Will my e-mail address remain private?
    Answer:Yes. We will not share your address with anyone.
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    Answer: Answer to Your Question Here!.

We hope this has answered all your questions but if not please feel free to e-mail us with any suggestions.

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